NAINA Scholarship


National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA) grants $300.00 scholarship to an eligible undergraduate or associate degree nursing student of Indian heritage from United States and a nursing student from India during the Biennial conference of NAINA.

Selection criteria:

  1. Currently enrolled in a state approved associate degree or baccalaureate degree nursing program
  2. Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 or its equivalent.
  3. One letter of recommendation from the faculty/ instructor
  4. Student must have at least one more year to complete the nursing program.

For nursing students (from schools of nursing and colleges of nursing) in India, an equivalent of grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher is required.

The date of receiving application starts from April 25 and deadline for submission of application with all the required documents is July 15th of the year of NAINA’s biennial conference. The chairperson of the NAINA Awards & Scholarship Committee will notify award recipient via email four (4) weeks prior to the NAINA conference. The scholarship will be presented to the recipient on the last day of the NAINA conference. If the recipient is not present at the event, it will be mailed to the recipient.

Please submit the following documents:

  1. Completed and signed application form
  2. Transcript records for the last two semester or quarters or the year
  3. Resume/ CV
  4. Letter of Recommendation: Section A & B of the application form (One letter of recommendation from faculty/ instructor)
  5. Essay (250-300 words, double spaced using font size 12) on the topic, “Why did you choose the field of nursing?”
  6. Volunteer services

Please submit completed application form along with the required documents via e-mail to Lilly Anickat, Chair of the Awards & Scholarship Committee at before the deadline.        

P. O. Box 3002
Northlake, Illinois – 60164


Purpose: The purpose of the Legacy of Caring Award is to honor an outstanding nurse who exemplifies caring by making a significant impact in nursing and/or the nursing professional organization. Such a nurse demonstrates patient advocacy, creativity, compassion and leadership in nursing practice by doing what must be done in order to improve the life of an individual patient, organization or community.

Award Criteria: The Legacy of Caring award recipient is someone who has gone above and beyond his/her role as a nurse leader, health care provider and/or a community member. Such a person must meet the following criteria:

Must be a current and active NAINA member who has worked towards the achievement of NAINA’s mission, vision and values.

Must have been a Registered Nurse for at least 10 years in the US.

Demonstrates commitment to the profession of nursing by making a significant impact on the mental, physical or spiritual well-being of a patient, patient’s family, organization NAINA and/or community. Examples of such an impact may include acts that exemplify caring and compassion, patient advocacy, evidence-based nursing practice and/ or service within a specific community or nursing organization with the effect of improving outcomes within that community or organization.



The purpose of Nursing Excellence Award is to recognize the outstanding and deserving nurses who participate in the advancement and practice of nursing. This include (1) Clinical Practice Staff RN and (2) Clinical Practice-Advance Practice RN/Nurse Educator/Administrator and (3) Nightingale Award.

1) Clinical practice staff Registered Nurse

A Registered Nurse who holds an undergraduate degree (associate, baccalaureate, or a diploma)

Currently practicing as staff nurse

A minimum 2 years of experience

Specialty certification preferred but not required

Active involvement in at least one council at work

2) Advance practice RN (NP, CNM, CRNA, CNS) /Nurse educator/Administrator/ Researcher

Currently practicing in one of the above titles

Must have a master’s degree, preferably in a Nursing specialty

Minimum 1-year experience in the specialty

Certification not required, but preferred

Active involvement in at least one council at work.

Community service will be considered

3) Nightingale Award

Nightingale award will be given to a current NAINA member who has the greatest number of years of service in nursing.