President’s Message1

Sara Gabriel MSN, MBA, RN – President, NAINA

Dear Friends,

It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA). NAINA is incorporated in the State of Illinois as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization in December 2006, to unite and represent all professional nurses and nursing students of Indian origin and heritage in the United States of America. As an ethnic minority nursing Association, NAINA strives to promote excellence in nursing practice, improve health and wellness and enhance professional / personal development for all our members.

During the past eight years, NAINA has flourished and became a strong and well established professional body of Indian nursesin this country. Every past team/leader took NAINA one step higher and now we are well recognized as one of the best ethnic minority professional nursing associations in this country that we can be proud of.

We still have a long way to go. Leadership development, strengthening the membership, establishing new chapters, increasing our visibility and having right representation in professional and legislative body are challenges we still have to overcome. With these in mind, the current leadership team embarked onmany bold and ambitious steps to accomplish our goals.

Many of our nurses are highly educated, talented, bright and resourceful. Yet, only a small percentage of our nurses reach the highest level of leadership roles. We realized the need to mentor and develop leadership skills for our nurses and sought out opportunities. I am happy to say that our leadership training in Tampa, Florida in November 2014 was a great success and we had a follow up orientation training for all our new leadership team in Feb 2015.

We are proud to say that NAINA is the recipient of the prestigious Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Grant to train and develop leadership skillsfor nurses. Through this project, we are training aspiring nurse leaders from every NAINA chapter and they will train others from NAINA and their own chapters in the future. It is a great accomplishment for NAINA and I envision this as the first one and many more to come in the future.

We nurses play an important role in promoting health and preventing diseases. We provide health education to our patients and to everyone around us, our family, friends and the community at large. With this need, we initiated classes to Prevent Stroke as our first National Community Education project. All NAINA chapters will participate in this community education program and conduct stroke Prevention classes for their own communities.

NAINA leadership seminar for all members is scheduled in October 23 & 24 in Philadelphia, PA. Leadership styles, transformational leadership, the governance of a nonprofit organization and other leadership topics will be brought together by the acclaimed leaders from NAINA and outside under the main theme of “learning to Lead, lead the leader “.

Our newest chapter, the Indian Nurses Association, Albany, New York is progressing well in their growth and looking forward to meet all the new leaders and members.
Our newsletter is being published timely, and according the schedule. Redesigning the NAINA website was painful and took so much time, but is almost done and it will enhance our visibility and improve our networking and communication.

GCU partnership with NAINA is bringing more nurses for us at national and chapter level. The GCU support and our promotion are mutually beneficial and we appreciate their support. Our nurses, their family and children are enjoying the discounted tuition form GCU. This is just one of our membership benefits only

Many of our nurses received the highest degree in their field and many more are enrolled in the programs. Our nurses are competing with main stream American nurses and winning research grants and scholarships. It is commendable to see their achievements and credentials.

We are ethnic and minority in numbers, but our nurses are talented, resourceful and accomplished,professional nurses contributing and making a difference for our profession. I have seen nurses, timid and soft spoken, afraid to speak in public becoming assertive, confident and powerful leaders through active participation in NAINA and other local chapters. Every one of you makes a difference for your patient and the family you take care of. I urge every Indian nurse across the nation to be proud of your profession, invest in your professional growth, give back and make a difference to others.

Appreciate the tireless and generous leaders of our team who are contributing and making a difference for NAINA every day and invite everyone to take part.

Join and become an active member of NAINA. Thank You.

Sara Gabriel, MSN, MBA, RN

President, NAINA, 2015 & 2016

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