President’s Message

Welcome to NAINA!

Dear Friends,

The fifth biennial conference of NAINA is around the corner and I am happy to announce that the preparations are well underway for the educational conference and the tenth year anniversary celebrations. The education committee has done a superb job! The over whelming response to the call for abstracts made the task of selecting speakers and presenters for podium and poster presentations a very difficult one for the committee and the abstract reviewers.

However, the program has been finalized and the two days are packed with high quality presentations on a wide variety of topics that are related to the theme of the conference. All participants will have the wonderful opportunity to learn from highly qualified and expert speakers regarding changing trends, technological advances and collaborative practices in healthcare. You can meet and network with fellow alumni and friends from the past, make new friends, and find a mentor to guide you through the career steps you dream of, but are not quite sure how to proceed. Further, you will be able to explore available opportunities and resources, learn about challenges you may have to endure and draw courage and inspiration from the other successful and accomplished nurses around you.

New and unique highlights of this year’s conference are the special four hour sessions on the Friday, October 21st morning for Leadership training and for Advanced Practice Nurses (APN). The APN forum and its members bring a new vitality and visibility to our conference this year, both in the practice and financial side. The leadership training focuses on principles of leadership and the fundamental aspects of governing a voluntary/nonprofit organization which are vital knowledge for the new officers of the organization and for the aspiring leaders of the future. Our grant sponsored leadership development participants; the Aspiring Nurse Leaders (ANLS) will showcase their training experience and share the lessons learned with you. Our featured speakers are all highly qualified experts who will take you to a higher level of learning. After intense learning experiences, our evenings are filled with fun and entertainment including the alumni gathering, listening to a nurse humorist, gala night ceremonies, induction of the officers of the next term and much more.

Conference registration is progressing well. Those fast paced tech savvy nurses can register online for the conference, pay directly and get a confirmation right away. Others are choosing the good old fashioned paper and pen mode which works as well. I want to appeal to all the leaders and members to use this opportunity to promote the national conference individually and collectively.

Our quest for publishing our first journal is coming along well as the souvenir committee and journal committee work to produce the inaugural issue for the conference. This is your golden opportunity to publish in a national journal with few hurdles, so showcase your work and submit a paper to the NAINA journal today.

During the past ten years, NAINA made amazing upward strides in our growth. I see increased commitment and camaraderie among our leaders and members. Let us use our strength and our talents to uplift our organization. There are so many champions among you who are the driving force behind our success and I thank you for everything you do. I urge all of you to join me and the rest of the NAINA leadership team in Chicago on October 21st and 22nd. Let us celebrate the past ten wonderful years and the blessings we had from above and pray for many more productive years and decades for NAINA.

In closing, I want to use a quote from Peter Marshal – “Let us not be content to wait and see what will happen, give us the determination to make the right things happen.” And I add that we sure have the determination so let’s make the right thing happen, regardless of obstacles.

Thank you.

Sara Gabriel, MSN, MBA, RN

President, NAINA

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