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Who are our Members?

NAINA seeks to represent nurses and nursing students of Indian heritage in the United States of America.  Our members, nurses from different specialities and levels of practice, strive to create a community of excellence through networking, professional collaboration and mentorship. We welcome all nurses and nursing students to embark on this journey of excellence with us.

* You may not qualify for direct individual NAINA membership if there is an Indian Nurses Association in the State you are licensed and practicing. If you reside in CA, SA, GA, CT, IL, MI, FL, NJ, NY, NC, PA, TX, MD and OK, let us connect you to the local chapter. Please contact Mary Abraham at for local chapter information. If you still wish to continue as a NAINA Virtual Member, please be aware that at a later time if you want to transfer your membership to a local chapter, only part of the membership fee will be transferred. Your signature below indicates that you are hereby agreeing to the terms above and will uphold the mission, vision and bylaws of NAINA.

Any questions regarding membership, please contact Mary Abraham at: