The election committee consists of 3 members, the election committee chairperson and two appointed members.

Focus: Nominations for open offices and activities related to the election of officers

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. The Election Committee Chairperson will appoint the two other members of the committee.
  2. The Election Committee Chairperson will oversee the execution of the election process.
  3. The Election Chairperson is solely responsible for the safekeeping of the ballot box, ballots and voter registry.
  4. The election committee will work to ensure an unbiased and fair election. It is the Committee ‘s responsibility to ensure that the Election policies and procedures are strictly enforced.
  5. The election committee will review and amend election policies and procedures during a contested election where the policies and procedures are suspect.
    1. To accept and review any petitions that contest election results.
    2. To determine the eligibility for voting rights of any member.
  6. The Election committee is responsible for compiling a voter registry of all eligible voters.
  7. The Election committee members are responsible for counting the ballots.
  8. The Election committee will review candidate nominations and notify nominees of his/her nomination.
  9. The election committee chairperson will notify the winners of the election/ selection and the governing board minimum three weeks prior to the installation of the officers
  10. The election committee will assist the Executive board with the installation of new officers.

Chairpersons: Mary Philip, BSN, MSA, RN, CNOR