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NAINA\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s FIRST JOURNAL!

NAINA’s FIRST EVER JOURNAL was published at our Fifth Biennial Education Conference to commemorate NAINA’s tenth anniversary.  Thank you to the Journal committee for their hard work.

Stroke Prevention Education initiative underway

NAINA's community education program has been initiated with a series of Stroke Prevention Education programmes by several chapters, including INA-NY and INA-CF, to provide vital education about this important health issue.

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NAINA partners with Chamberlain College

Bringing an additional benefit for our members, NAINA has entered into a partnership with Chamberlain College to bring high quality education to our nurses.  Visit Chamberlain College for more information.

Introducing the APN Task force: a new NAINA initiative

The new APN Task Force will serve as a platform for the increasing numbers of APNs to identify with fellow minority nurses while sharing their expertise and engaging in activities to enhance professional growth.

Welcome IANAM!

Nurses week in Maryland was kicked off by the very first meeting of the Indian American Nurses Assoication Of Maryland (IANAM), led by Alphonsa Rahman.  Welcome to the NAINA family, Maryland!

NAINA becomes permanent board member for Alliance

NAINA is a Permanent Board member of the Alliance for International Ethical Recruitment Practices. Sara Gabriel, NAINA President, who has been a major contributor since its inception, represents Indian Nurses in the US in this prestigious organization.

Welcome to Albany nurses!

Another new chapter to add to our NAINA family.  The Indian American Nurses Association of Albany held their inauguration ceremony on October 8, 2016.  We are so happy to have you on board.

New Chapter: Oklahoma

NAINA President, Sara Gabriel, met with Divya Joykutty (President) and other executive board members of the Indian Nurses Association of Oklahoma (INA-OK).  Congratulations and welcome!

Grand Canyon

Member Association

Indian Nurses Association of Connecticut (INA-CT)
Chicago - Indian Nurses Association of Illinois (INAI)
Detroit - Indian Nurses Association of Michigan (INAM)
Miami - Indian Nurses Association of South Florida (INA-SFL)
Tampa - Indian Nurses Association of Central Florida
New Jersey
Chapter 1 - Indian American Nurses Association of New Jersey (IANA-NJ-1)
Chapter 2 - American Association of Indian Nurses of New Jersey (AAIN-NJ-2)
New York
Indian Nurses Association of New York (INA-NY)
Indian Nurses Association of New York - Albany (INA-Albany)
North Carolina
Indian American Nurses Association, North Carolina (INA-NC)
Philadelphia - Indian American Nurses Organization (PIANO)
Dallas - Indian American Nurses Association of North Texas (IANA-NT)
Houston - Indian American Nurses Association (IANA)
Indian Nurses Association(GINA)
Indian American Nurses Association of Maryland
Indian Nurses Association of Oklahoma (INA-OK)
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